Welcome to Webisserie.

A results-driven web design company that focuses on…well, results.

Webisserie at a glance:


Templates used. Fully custom, with your audience in mind.


One-stop web + tech shop. No miscommunication, no mixed messages


Collective hours spent honing our design + tech skills.

And now, some words from the brains behind Webisserie:

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Eli.

Web designer, tech geek, and undercover patisserie lover (with an eye for the teeny-tiny-details that make all the difference).

Design + Tech + Pastry Chef = killer combo of creative art and technical expertise

The icing on the cake?

I’m a solution-oriented person that loves tackling a challenge.

And that includes your project.

Psst. I’m also a secret believer of something controversial:

You, my friend, know what your company or organization needs.

All you need from me is the creative flair, and technical know-how (coupled with the 7+ years I spent learning and perfecting my skills).

And I’ll work with you to ensure that the end product is something that reflects your value, your vision, and your voice.

Don’t take my word for it.
But you should take our clients’ words.

Eli’s graphic and web design work is top rate. And his customer service is even better. Eli is fully invested in every project and collaborates with us to make sure that we get what we had in mind. He makes creating a website a smooth and easy experience. I highly recommend using Eli for on-target, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing websites.

Ari Krasnow LMSW
Director, PEAK Program

My website came out amazing. We worked with Eli who was constantly coming up with new ideas and was genuinely looking out for our business.

Noam Peikes
Director, Camp Chevra