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You’re ready to upgrade your online presence.

You’re ready to upscale your business.

You’re ready
to up your

Like Yitz did.

Be like Yitz.

Creating a website is a big deal. But Webisserie makes it look easy. Eli got my brand, knew what I needed, and was attentive to every last detail. And, most importantly, my business has grown exponentially since I launched my website. I’ve gotten feedback from clients that the site is easy to navigate, and an excellent portrayal of our services. I’m extremely pleased with the product and couldn’t have gone through a better process.

Yitz Greenbaum
Monsey Sports Leagues

Now what?

Here’s what to expect:

Initial consultation:

Here’s where we’ll discuss your project, target audience, desired features and other technical stuff - for free!

Project proposal:

I will craft a proposal outlining the scope of the project, including a timeline and budget. Once agreed and signed upon by both parties, I will dive straight in and start working on your website. But first…

Content development:

As the web designer, I will need all the content, images, text and media to be able to plan the design appropriately.

Design planning:

Having your end goal, content and media in mind - I will create a design plan for the website, including sketches, mockups or wireframes to visualize the layout and user flow.

We’ll schedule a call to discuss the design plans, and I’ll tweak and perfect according to your feedback.

Web development:

On my own time, I’ll turn the plans into an actual website, incorporating branding and visual elements. We’ll work together to ensure it’s what you have in mind for the project.

Testing and debugging:

I will meticulously test the website to ensure that it is functioning properly and free of errors. Yes, that means testing every single link.


And…it’s live! Proudly refer clients to your website. A website that reflects your value, vision and voice. And brings the results you want.


Keep your site safe! For an additional fee, I’ll update and secure your website monthly. (hey, no long-commitment on your part. We’ll take it month-by-month.)